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  • Raghu: Yarra Valley Water has recently transitioned into its 2030 strategy and entering our new strategy, innovation is a key consideration for the whole organization. Also, innovation doesn’t need to be attributable to technology only. It can be part of people and process or the contractual arrangements that you want to set up.
  • Raghu: So, you know, as part of our digital metering trials, we’ve been wanting to introduce more digital channels to enable customers to not just have a look at their usage data, but also gain some insights out of it.
  • Raghu: Look, I think one thing that I would like to say is our regulator is always pushing the boundaries in some ways. You know, whether that be to have more of a customer focus or a productivity gain consideration.
  • Raghu: What’s happened in the last, say, five years is with the advent of new technologies like IoT. and open standard protocols, it’s suddenly opened up this new world where you don’t have to be locked into a vendor and or a technology that you can use open standard technologies and protocols to achieve all of those outcomes that you probably couldn’t at a price point that you can now.
  • Raghu: we need to partner more and work together not only with other water utilities, but also external partners to enable success.

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