Water + World: 2020 in Review

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Our mission

What we accomplished in 2020

AquaLAB’s Connect Community represents a 47 M impact on people across the globe
  • 188 members on AquaLAB Connect
  • Who? Decision-makers and changemakers from 48 water organisations
  • Why? To be inspired, discuss what they are dealing with and collaborate with peers to solve common challenges
  • Impact: 47,000,000 people across the globe


In January, in the wake of Australia’s bushfires, news broke about a Novel Coronavirus spreading quickly in Wuhan, China


Coronavirus spread internationally and conferences were canceled


In March, our world changed dramatically as countries went into lockdown


High unemployment and business closure thanks to Coronavirus lead to water utilities offering bill amnesty to customers.


We launched a podcast and Black Lives Matters protests lead to more focus on inclusion and diversity globally


We highlighted the supply chain disruption impacts on the water industry and asked “how might we innovate to mitigate the impact?”


We showcased cross-sector innovation in our “Stretching your innovation dollar” podcast series


Sewerage surveillance becomes a first line of defense in fight against Covid-19


You told us what your top 5 water industry challenges were


We highlighted the challenges around Urban Water Security on the Future Water Podcast.


We launched the AquaLAB Connect Brainstrust to facilitate global knowledge sharing in our community


Across the globe we continue to deal with Covid-19 and hope for a brighter 2021 with the first vaccines being rolled out in the US and UK.

What we’re looking forward to in 2021

AquaLAB is shaping the digital future of water.

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AquaLAB is shaping the digital future of water.

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